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รหัส : 00008
ชื่อ : Automatic nylon cable tie machine เครื่องรัดเเคเบิ้ลไทร์อัตโนมัติ
ประเภทสินค้า : Machine
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Automatic nylon Ties machine

Nylon cable tie machine, harness strapping, cable ties, cable tie machine, automatic cable tie

ZAC-660N automatic nylon cable ties, cable tie machine



1, bulk nylon cable ties to achieve automatic feeding, eliminating the need for manual discharge tedious process;

2, wear automatically lock cable ties, and automatically cut the cable ties, saving time and effort, at least 4 times higher than the efficiency can be improved;

To adapt to a wide range, can tie a line or arc-shaped (diameter greater than 100MM) products, strapping the site perimeter from 3-50MM can adapt


Technical parameters

Model ZAC-660N

Cut residual length of: 1-3mm

Truss endurance: "20N

Allows error :"0.01

Processing speed of 1.3 sec / pc

Input power: two-phase 220V/60HZ

Dimensions L1100 * W500 * H700mm

Equipment weight 120KG


Industry Applications

Beam, cable, electronics, toys, gifts, food and other industries in the equipment has been widely used in strapping a large quantity of factory is highly pro ignorant, completely solve the low efficiency of cable tie production, employment difficulties problem

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